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milion of satisfied users


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Responsibility and quality are our main values

Based on a long-term experience and gained knowledge we develop reliable products. They are used on a daily basis, this is why we guarantee their quality and longevity. The most important for us is the inner calm of our clients, as home is the source of enjoyment only if it does not cause any problems.

Top service guarantee

We perfectly know, that the best home is the one without any failures. This is why we offer the longest guarantee period on the market and the fastest guarantee handling in our branch.   

Solid materials

The materials we select are thicker and more solid, at least by 50%, than binding norms. This way we assure strength and failure-free products.   

100% of quality control

Quality is the most important for us, this is why in the whole production process we control it at least 10 times. Accurate and detailed controls underlie our reliable product offer.   

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