How do we strive for quality?

We base our work on values. It is thanks to them the products we offer reach such a high level. Check what we are driven by.

Reliability does not apply only to our products. It is also about continuous improvements’ searching and ongoing improvements of our Team. From the first contact with our business partner, through production, up to customer service, we provide the best possible quality. Striving for perfection gives us the chance to achieve the highest standards. Our goal is to make our clients feel safe and comfortable when they choose Instal-Projekt brand.


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How do we work
We combine passion for perfection with unique know-how and attention to details. It allows us to offer solid products, which cannot possibly be made better.  
- Passion for perfectionEach day we work with passion and discipline. Full engagement in quality is the base of our performance. We try to improve everything we do.
- Engineer competence – We base on our work and experience. We think in a technical and organized way. We test and look for optimal solutions.
- Attention to details – We conduct strict controls. We are sure that our radiators are functional and failure-free.

Production process
The highest durability of Instal-Projekt radiators is assured by precise production process. We work in a quality management system which fulfills strict norms of ISO 9001.  
- We conduct precise laboratory tests.
- The products undergo minimum tenfold, detailed quality control and twofold tightness control.
- We increase standards of used materials at least by 50%.
- Our products are painted with two layers, what increases their durability.
- Our products are packed with 3 layers, what assures their safety.
- Modern technologies make our products cost-effective in operation.

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